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These pages are being developed to contain prose, poems and prayers, some written by members of our church family and some from further afield. If you would like to contribute please contact Mark Hoare

For when you feel afraid or life is hard - A meditation

Open for Prayer -a reflection by Ray Hearn

Prayer-a place for you

Why Pray? -David Mouncer tells us some reasons why we should pray

A Prayer for Someone -Bernard Moakes

A Breakfast Prayer -English and Scottish Version

The Difference-a poem reminding us to pray regularly even if we are 'too busy'

An Ethiopian Prayer

Reasons Why I Haven't Read My Bible-a Bible Society poem

A Psalm -God is with us to protect us

Thoughts About Heaven and a Thank You Prayer-two prayers written by Claire Lennon aged 10 of Quest Club (1997)

The Gem -a poem asking God to shape and refine us for his service.

What Then? -a poem by Eileen Balch,-earthly events are only temporary.

Even Now -a poem by Eileen Balch, -God's Spirit being with us now.

An Advent Poem

Christmas Eve -a poem by Elizabeth Peters

Christmas -a poem by Kathryn Shemwell,-Kathryn wrote this poem when pondering what to write on her Christmas cards. She is happy for others to use it this way.

C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.- poem

A Bit of a Ponder -a Christmas poem by 'Mary'

Journey of the Magi -a poem by TS Elloit,-Eileen Balch particularly referred to this poem when she preached 18 December 2005.

The Lord's Love -a prayer about the humble way God loves us.

A Prayer of Comittment -the prayer from our Year of Mission 2005/6.

The Room of Files -after reading this a member of St Thomas' comittmented himself to Jesus.

Dear Help Desk-a humorous piece about a new husband is asking for advice. It does have serious message.

Genesis 1 - revised -Peter Grayson's view.

A Christmas Reflection -Peter Grayson's view.

Some Christmas Doggerel: We have seen His Glory -Robin Dawson

Rightly to Remember the Birth of Jesus -a poem by R.L.Stevenson.

Like a Candle Flame -a Christmas carol

What If? -a Christmas poem

The Word of God -John Goodacre, too often we leave the Bible unread.

Who's a Hero Then? -Robin Dawson writes about God being our hero.

The Traditions of Easter -How is Easter Day determined.

Lord of the Kings -with reference to 'Lord of the Rings'.

Getting the Right Attitude -Pat Clayton writes about striving for the same attitude as God.

Where Where You on 2nd July 2005? -Sue Ward writes about the "Make Poverty History" march in Edinburgh.

The True Heroes of Katrina -the hurricane that hit New Orleans

Great is Thy Faithfullness -a reflection

Food for Thought -a humourous article using words associated with gardening showing how we should lead our lives.

A Challenging Faith -a poem by John Wesley

Talking Donkeys and the Meaning of Life -a reflection on the Bible by Amanda Roper

The Bible in 50 Words -a summary of the Bible

Books of the Bible -a very brief summary of each book of the Bible

A Poem and Modern Psalm for the Millennium -by Andrew Banks and Ray Hearn

'I Asked For...' -a Poem about God providing what we need...not neccesarily what we want

'I Asked for Strength, I was Made Weak' -another Poem about God providing what we need...not neccesarily what we want

Chosen Vessel -Us?, a poem

Ten Commandments for Parents

No Excuses for Sunday

The Cross In My Pocket -a poem

A Worm's Eye View -an 8 year old 'explains God'

Pillars and Caterpillars -two types of church-goer

Opting Out -excuses for not volunteering in church

Stop, Look, Listen, Then... -you can serve God

The Galilean God -a reflection for Easter by Eileen Balch

A Tribute to the Quiet Servers

Is Our Bible like Our Mobile Phone?

Prayers for the Week

All is Well -remembering a loved one

Why me Lord? -compassion can be costly

Giving -a gift we all have

Rosie -a poem about Nancy Sturdy's pet dog

God's Creation -a poem by Bella Copley, aged 8

What is a Mum? -a poem from Chris Cowley's funeral

Till Deaf us do Part -a poem at the Christening of deaf twin boys

In God's Garden -a poem at Bernard Moakes' funeral

Being a Christian today...

You Complete Me -a poem by Helen Murray

Lawn Care -God asks St Frances about Lawn Care

The Quiet Sermon -why you should come to church

Heaven's Grocery Store -God makes no charge

Here to Worship -the same God

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