St Thomas' Brampton and St Peter's Holymoorside, Chesterfield
Spearhead February 1977-January 1978
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February/March 1977
  • Brampton Man Takes care of the Royal Family -on the Royal Yacht Britannia
  • It's a Sell-Out -comment on the first edition of Spearhead
  • Predudice or Principle -women ordained priests in Canada
  • Derby Diocese Golden Jubliee
  • Room at the Inn -the 'Half Moon Pub' will re-open as a bedsit for the homeless
  • Assembly of God to buy Zion Methodist Church
  • Roundabout -a summary of news
  • St Thomas' Trebles It's Giving
  • Blitz on Arthritis
  • Sponsored Choir Sing
  • Family Doctor
  • In the Garden
  • This Prayer Business
  • Church in Holymoorside Makes History -a joint Christmas Service between all three churches

April/May 1977
  • Rev Stuart Samuel is Appointed Vicar of St Mark's
  • Today is Easter
  • Today is Good Friday
  • Taxi Sir? -St Thomas appoints a 'Transport Officer'
  • Christian Aid -it is not always the figures that count
  • Documentary Film About Holymoorside
  • New Life at St John's
  • Family Doctor
  • One on Every Street -St Thomas' and St Peter's commission 'Street Wardens'

June/July 1977
  • Air Trip Planned in Derbyshire-India Link
  • Whitsuntide Means It's All Happening Today
  • Indian Missionaries Foe a Heathen Chesterfield?
  • Family DoctorThe World of Nigezaha -a bot frm Burundi
  • Arthritis Week
  • Roundabout -a summary of news
  • New Skipper takes the Helm -Stuart Samuel is inducted as the new vicar of St Mark's
  • Brampton Link with Creswell Cavemen -former Rector of St Thomas' was an archaeologist
  • Hepling the Blind to See -Derbyshire Mobility Officers

August/September 1977
  • Brampton Ex-Miner Recalls the Grassmoor Tragedy
  • The Church is for Sinners Only
  • Heaton Court -sheltered accomodation for the elderly
  • The Church Nobody Knows About -St Mark's is hidden away
  • Bishop at St Mark's
  • St Thomas' Folk Enjoy and Outing -to Fountains Abbey
  • Film Makers in Holymoorside
  • Roundabout -a summary of news
  • In the Garden
  • Family Doctor

October/November 1977
  • Churches Unit to Help the Homeless
  • 'Jesus Call 78'
  • The Long Road to Church Unity -including 10 propositions
  • Holymoorside, a Village with Three Churches
  • Man of Energy and Industry -Eric Varley, MP for Chesterfield
  • Caring for the Bereaved at St Thomas'
  • Bibles for Uganda
  • Archbishop Janani Luwum of Uganda -'Gentle Giant' joins noble army of martyrs
  • Roundabout -a summary of news

December 1977/January 1978
  • Archbishop Challenges Derbyshire Churchpeople
  • St Mark's Makes its Presence Known
  • Another 'First' For William Rhodes Band
  • The Police are a Special Case
  • Witches' Brooms are a Booming Business
  • Mission Evensong During 'Jesus call 78'
  • Roundabout -a summary of news
  • New Life at St John's
  • Stately Homes of Brampton
  • In Your Garden
  • Holiday wit a Difference -on a Christian Cruising and sailing Association holiday
  • Get Busy on Those Christmas Decorations

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